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Design Back Better

RGA Design Restoration is your national rapid response team of architects, engineers, and other design and construction specialists here to help you make your property better, either through tenant improvement or rebuilding after a natural disaster

After disaster strikes, the cleanup has started, and you need professionals to assess the damage and manage the process of rebuilding, RGA Restoration will be there with great competence and great convenience to help revive the property back better than it was before. Whether you need forensic due diligence, site assessment, restoration project management, or all of the above, RGA has got you covered.


Whether moving into a new leased building or looking to refresh and upgrade the look of the property you've been in for awhile, RGA Restoration can help you design a customized space to optimize it for your business' needs. TI is a great opportunity to not only create an atmosphere more aligned to your brand but also excite employees, clients, customers, and stakeholders alike.


RGA Restoration Headquarters

600 S. Magnolia Ave. Ste. 375

Tampa, FL  33606

(813) 226-2220

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