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Inspiration and Innovation for the Built Environment

Architecture has always been at our core. Out of those roots, we've grown a host of services, developed by business professionals and creative designers, to find unique solutions in a complex world

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Casa Bella multi family housing pool area

Reimagining the Built Environment. RGA-Design specializes in a practice we like to call re-architecture. It’s taking something in the built environment and improving it.  Re-architecture goes by many familiar names:  Remodel, repurpose, refurbish, rehabilitate, renovate, redevelop, retrofit, restore, reuse, reroof.  RGA-Design understands the unique challenges of re-architecture and can design a solution to improve your project.

Rendering of Tropicana Field for St. Pete RFP

Innovation in Strategic Development. Formerly known as TRS Development Services, RGA Development Services is a master developer which specializes in mixed-use and public/private partnership (3P) development. We specialize in services such as community and government liaison services, feasibility and site due diligence, funding identification and development, team building, and highest and best use determination.

Diagram of an accessible route

RGA Forensics provides customized expert witness solutions through experience and cutting-edge technology. Whether an incident involves a slip and fall, a code violation, an accident scene investigation and reconstruction, or any of the other areas in which we specialize, we provide a tailored and customized expert witness solution to meet the needs of our client's particular situation.

Entrance to MacDill AFB

Rapid Response with Reliable Outcomes. RGA Government is an A&E firm registered to practice in Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Delaware, and Georgia. Our portfolio varies in scale and complexity and focuses on renovation, restoration, adaptive reuse, and mixed-use redevelopment. RGA also provides forensic assessments of properties in regard to the Fair Housing Act, ADA Accessibility Guidelines, and building, maintenance, and life safety codes.

Hurricane damage multi family housing in Florida panhandle

Formerly known as RDW, RGA Restoration is a team of architects, engineers, and other design and construction professionals who specialize in assessing damage, forensics and restoring properties after unexpected damage has occurred. Normally the damage is caused by fire, wind, water, or construction defects but regardless of how it happened, RGA Restoration can handle it. 

Rendering of a multi family housing project

One of the most challenging tasks to do as a construction professional is take someone's vision and have others see that same vision. Using a proprietary blend of 3D imaging and drafting software, RGA Imaging can take data from various sources and create a visual experience that will bring the data to life. Whether you're looking to show investors what their capital will become, marketing a future project, or presenting for an RFP, RGA can help bring that vision to life.

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