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A Dynamic Architecture Firm

Welcome to RGA Design. We are a dynamic architecture firm with over 40 years of experience, with our design services reaching many states beyond Florida. We opened our doors in 1980 when Architects Diversified Inc ‘ADI’, Reliable Group Architects ‘RGA’, and Chillura and Associates merged firms to become one. The founder, William Henry PhD., is a protégé of pioneering architect/developer John Portman of Hyatt Regency. Portman’s design talent changed multiple American city skylines. Dr. Henry authored a book entitled ‘Return of the Master Builder’ reflecting the Portman design philosophy and still uses his principle’s today.
Our architecture firm is comprised of (3) firms; RGA Design LLC, RGA Design Forensics, and RGA Design Restoration LLC. These firms were founded on the principle that design excellence and strong business practices are not mutually exclusive, but instead synergistic whereby each enhances the other. The three firms share resources and professional protocols relying on design excellence, code, and forensic research as expert witnesses, as well as social and community responsibility in emergency response to natural disasters. Yes, we do it all! As the architect of record for over 1000 buildings across the State of Florida, Dr. Henry and RGA Design LLC have been recognized by numerous design awards. These works reflect the design philosophy of the firm that strives for an optimal blend of client satisfaction, business success, and design excellence.
Our commercial design projects include muti-family residential, retail, office, and industrial; these are often combined into mixed-use developments. We also have over 20 years of governmental architectural projects in our portfolio. These include educational, public housing authority ‘PHAs’, courthouses, and governmental office buildings. Dr. Henry is an appointed Hillsborough County planning and economic development public official. His involvement in the community is definitely shaping our world!
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