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Reimagining the Built Environment.
Bloomingdale High School, Repair

This project involved a complete roofing assessment, replacement, and upgrade at one of the Tampa Bay area’s largest high schools. The assessment involved infrared tests as well as uncovering of the existing built improvements to determine the remaining life of the membrane, flashing, insulation, interior roof drains, as well as parapet coping. The improvements also involved removal of existing HVAC package units from the roof and replacement with a chilled water plant along with interior air handling units.

Bloomingdale High School
Bloomingdale roof before
Bloomingdale roof after
USF Miscellaneous Services , Renovation/Repair

RGA has done miscellaneous services work for the University of South Florida to include improvements and repairs to buildings on campus such as the Sun Dome, the Theatre Centre, the USF Health Therapy Building, the Morsani College of Medicine, the Student Services Building, and the Campus Recreation Center

USF gym
USF gym
USF Sun dome
USF theater
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