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Woodland Hills

RGA played a part in restoring the Woodland Hills Apartments back to safe living conditions after an EF4 tornado damaged many of the buildings onsite.

As a 19-building project with over 150 damaged units, RGA built a team of qualified contractors with the capability and availability to rapidly respond to a project of this size. The first phase consisted of code analysis and a site inspection to determine what specifically needed to be remedied. Then architectural plans and elevations were created as to mimic the existing condition before the tornado hit. As discovered in the code analysis phase, minor changes needed to be made to keep in compliance with local and national codes, which is something we always look for in restoration projects. Sometimes buildings were built in compliance with an older, outdated code that would no longer be in compliance today. So this step is imperative.

The project is now undergoing permit plan approval with the City of Dayton, OH, and we aim to begin construction in 2022.​

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