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Turning an Old Tax Collector's Office into Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade

Have you ever tried to talk to kids about what we do in the world of design-build? They couldn't care less about RFIs, drainage plans, or building codes. Say the phrase "value engineering" and watch their eyes glaze over. Another office building? "Whatevs." And any talk of contract disputes, you can guarantee they're reaching for the nearest iPad. But mention that you're working on changing an old tax collector's office into laser tag? Now you've got their attention. Oh, Laser Ops has 55 arcade games, HOLOGATE virtual reality gaming, and an 8,000 sq. ft. post-apocalyptic arena for tactical laser tag? Now they've got more questions than you have answers. So you hit 'em with the pics:

Your job doesn't seem so boring anymore and they're begging to go. They're using future birthdays as negotiating chips for a chance at laser tag glory on the simulated battlefield. An astute parent notices the last picture and asks "is that a bar"? Yes. Yes it is. There's a smartly designed area of refuge for the adults when the Fortnite dances and elated screams of "yeet" and "savage" become a bit too much. In the eyes of the kids your job is now cool, even if it's just for one day. Laser Ops 6283 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634 If you have a design-build project, exciting or boring (to kids), give RGA-Design a call at (813) 226-2220.

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