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Augmented Reality is Here and it's Spectacular!

By now we've all heard of augmented reality, be it through something like Snapchat filters or Pokemon Go. But its practical applications go well beyond some funny antlers or catching Pikachu. From heads-up displays for GPS directions in a car to interactive instructional videos, the uses for AR have the potential to change the way we learn, make decisions, and interact with the physical world. And with spending on AR technology expected to hit $60 billion by 2020, that time is coming sooner rather than later.

What we're using AR for at RGA-Design is to simulate future situations, or more specifically, future structures on a site. Through the use of satellite imagery, drone footage, and drafting software RGA has developed a cost effective and visually stunning way to see what future changes in the built environment will look like at a present site. Above is a video produced by our team showing future construction on a site in Winslow Township, New Jersey. And as AR technology advances we are excited to see where and how AR will be applied to construction, real estate, and design build.

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