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Macedonia is a multi-family residential (MFR) complex in Panama City, FL. After being struck by Hurricane Michael, the buildings suffered varying degrees of damage. Some were salvageable but four buildings were demolished beyond repair. Since some nearby properties suffered little to no damage, we concluded that the damages suffered by the complex were caused by a lack of tie-downs and non-compliance with newer building codes.

​We recommended that all buildings be brought up to current code by adding structural tie-downs, impact glass, and reinforced structural components.

​We worked closely with the owner and the contractor to formulate a design that would be paid for in whole by insurance proceeds, even though a solution involved certain upgrades to achieve code compliance under current governing codes. This presented some unique challenges, in that the insurance would only reimburse for a rebuild of the facility as previously designed and constructed.

​The project came in under budget, and RGA was involved not only as the designer, but also as the authorized inspector for the funding institution. 

Macedonia - Render 01.jpg
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