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Reimagining the Built Environment.
WhiteSands Detox Facility

What used to be an old motel and ballroom in Plant City is being transformed into the campus for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility

Fight Club Gym

The fight club gym was created for professional boxers to train. Two boxing rings (one standard size, and one training size) are included along with 9 heavy bags, 3 speed bags, 12 treadmills, two full racks of dumbbells, weight benches, and a full locker room with showers. The aesthetic was kept dark and masculine with a modern twist, incorporating highlights of red that are meant to stimulate the brain. In addition, two alternative aesthetic schemes were created to give the clients an option to pick and choose elements from each design that they may like. One alternative scheme was kept warm with a Mediterranean vibe, whereas another alternative scheme used cold colors with a modern style.


Spa Area

The spa consists of a reception area and a bust-out facial area separated by a curtain. It also includes 2 massage rooms, a chiropractor, and an electrical therapy room. This spa is an important addition to the WhiteSands Detoxification Center, being that it will help patients tremendously on their road to recovery. This is a place they can come to relax and de-stress, so it must be designed accordingly. The overall feel of the spa is meant to be cozy with a touch of elegance.


Guest Rooms

The patient rooms were designed to accommodate two guests comfortably, while also keeping in mind the safety of such guests and others around them. When designing a facility such as a detoxification center, the designer must be careful to analyze many possible variables. For instance, the guests that will be utilizing the design may be physically ill, angry, depressed, etc. This is why there are no protruding light fixtures, and why hardened ceilings are used in lieu of acoustical ceiling tile, so that a rope cannot be affixed to anything. In addition, the furniture, finishes, and artwork provided is minimal and universal, so as to not aggravate any possible predispositions. Also, by providing more than enough space around the beds, the guests will not feel as cramped, which can lessen tension. The design was meant to comfort guests by bringing the outdoors indoors. The use of foliage, muted tones, and wood finishes are meant to bring a sense of calm.

2GUEST ROOM 11-6-18.jpg
1GUEST ROOM 11-6-18.jpg
Columbus Medical Center

Columbus Medical Center is both an outpatient surgical center, and a daytime clinic. In designing the lobby, it was important to realize what types of people will be using the space. Many times, relatives of those in surgery will be spending hours in the lobby waiting for their loved one to come out. Because of this, the seating is relaxed and comfortable. In addition, refreshments are provided by the entry to make visitors feel more at home in this space. As well as designing for relatives of patients, we must also take into account code compliance and accessibility. There are multiple healthcare, building, and fire codes that must be met to achieve occupancy. Also, there must be enough space and clearance for wheelchairs and gurneys to wheel around.

columbus rendering 2 final 03.19.19.jpg
columbus rendering 1 final 03.19.19.jpg
Waterchase Fitness Center

Waterchase master POA is a repeat client of ours. To go alongside the clubhouse we designed for them a couple years ago, they requested a modern fitness center be built. The design paid close attention to ADA (handicap) accessibility guidelines, ensuring that people in wheelchairs would have enough space to use the workout equipment and restroom facilities. In designing the main room, the aesthetics were kept sleek with an emphasis on function. To liven up the design a bit, a blue tray ceiling and lighting feature were added. To make the design cohesive and visually break up the floor space, a rectangle was added in the flooring that mimics the shape of the tray ceiling.

scheme 1 interior.jpg
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