Reimagining the Built Environment.

One of the most challenging tasks to do as a construction professional is to take someone's vision, be it an architect, engineer, or client, and have others see that same vision. Using a proprietary blend of 3D imaging and drafting software, RGA-Design can take data from various sources, really anything from a napkin sketch to architectural and master plans, and create a visual experience that will bring the data to life. Whether you're looking to show investors what their capital will become, marketing a future project, or presenting for an RFP, RGA-Design can help bring your vision to life.

Tropicana Field RFP

RGA-Design was part of the team Tampa Riverfront Sports assembled to submit an RFP for the development of the 86 acre Tropicana Field site in St. Petersburg, Florida. The proposal asked for two designs, onw with and one without a stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays. TRS' proposal with the stadium was the only one to refurbish the Trop instead of demolishing it. The plan was for an intensive, sustainable, vibrant, urban, mixed-use, and mixed income community that creates a unique experience and strong sense of place for all types of people.

Winslow Town Center, New Jersey

RGA Design was contracted by Bayshore Boulevard to design a township incorporating 3-story townhome buildings, apartment buildings, a senior living community, and retail areas, communicated through VR (virtual reality) media. This technique is similar to 3D rendering.  The project’s main feature is the eye-catching towers flanking the main entrance. The Winslow Town Center was designed for success. The strategic placement of the retail areas, including an on-site grocery store and a gas station, ensure that residents of the Winslow Town Center don’t have to travel too far from home to get what they need.