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Site Assessment
Experts inspecting damage

RGA’s rapid response forensic experts act as an advocate for the client to make sure the due diligence is done properly in assessing the damage on site. Whether the damage was done by fire, wind, water, construction defects, or some other calamity, RGA has the expertise to ascertain what can be salvaged and what needs new construction. So when it’s time to determine costs, you’ll have the details necessary to make informed decisions.


Restoration Project Management

Construction Workers on job site

Being headquartered in Florida, RGA is keenly aware of the unexpected hardships brought about by the damages caused by disasters. And the longer it takes to rebuild, the more the pain is felt by the community left without vital businesses and homes. RGA’s project management services allow you to focus on immediate needs while we form and manage the team of architects, engineers, construction professionals, and government liaisons necessary to restore the property as quickly, conveniently, and efficiently as possible. 



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Tampa, Florida
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