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Allied Technologies
Salt Storage

During the owner’s management of the Allied New Technologies 2 chlorine manufacturing plant, structural deficiencies were discovered in an adjoining 100,000 SF metal building used to store salt. Evidently the over-storage of salt enlarged the pile to such an extent that it pressed on the exterior walls of the metal structure. Fissures developed in the roof structure due in part to the warping of the load bearing structural elements below. The eminent collapse of the building became a possibility. This posed a hazard to the storage heavy equipment operators below. Salt storage operations were suspended, impacting the entire operation.

Our team was retained to assess the extent and cause if the deficiencies. We flew small specialty drones in tight spaces between the salt pile and the metal building enclosure. The drone operators were challenged to fly photographic equipment into tight spaces, light the surroundings, 3D map the amorphous sand pile, then model it in 3D identifying pressure points against the structure. 

The modeling below was used to assess the cause, and potential cures of the structural deficiencies were developed. The modeling and assessment enabled shoring to prevent further warping of the exterior walls and prevent collapse.

This rapid response owner’s representation service, forensic assessment, design and specification of cures, procurement of contracting resources and oversight of the conduct of the construction work is typical of the array of talent and services that RGA can bring to unexpected building challenges.

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